Pause·itivi·tea: This One Goes Out to All the Moms

Mothers may just be the toughest, strongest, most loving people in our lives. Why? Well, that’s because they raised us – their wild, unruly, loud, and sometimes stubborn children. So without further ado, here’s to all the Mother’s in the world – you’re the real heroes.

My Mother’s Day celebrations started with lunch at Pazzo Pizzeria in Stratford. In the early afternoon on Sunday, I joined my Dad and Aunt for a Mother’s day treat with my Grandma. We enjoyed great pizzas and dessert, as well as a little browse through a local bookstore. If you’re ever in town for a musical, play, or just to see the sights, then I highly recommend you check out Pazzo Pizzeria and Fanfare Books. Both are located along the main street of downtown Stratford, and boast fantastic Italian food and unique literary finds, respectively. The best part is that they’re both within arm’s reach of the Avon river, an important feature if you enjoy scenic, post-meal walks as much as I do. Having now enjoyed meals at Pazzo on four separate occasions, I would recommend that you try either the Don Carleone, Za Za Gabor, or Venetian pizza.

The evening had my Dad and I back at home, at which time we took my mother out for dinner at Boston Pizza. Ironically, I did not have another pizza, but instead opted for shrimp tacos – which are fantastic and I would rate them as a must-try!

Now, you’ll likely be surprised to hear that I did not bake anything for this occasion. Shocking, right? Okay, well I did make a no-bake peach cheesecake. Technically I didn’t bake. The plans for the creation of this dessert began in early April, with my dreams and heart set on cheesecake. I decided that this required some research on my favourite site and go-to recipe database, Pinterest. My primary requirements were for a fruit-filled, no-bake recipe because 1) I love fruit, and 2) I cannot stand a dry cheesecake. Luckily, I came across this one and was pleased to see that it was a fairly simple recipe. I’m happy to announce that it turned out wonderfully and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Here’s a picture of my finished product that you may drool over:

Link to the recipe

Although it’s nice to treat Mom to meals out and gifts, Mother’s day is really about spending time together. Trust me when I say that, above everything else, your Mom will appreciate the time she spends with you – her children – the most. I was extremely lucky to have spent part of the day with my Mom, whose unwavering supply of love, support, and care has always meant more to me than anything that money can buy. I’m also fortunate to have a Mom who has passed down her gift of baking to me, for without it we would not have enjoyed that cheesecake.

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